End Client Sustainability Report

Datia equips Wealth Advisors to offer modern sustainability reporting to their clients, driving engagement and positive change.

Deliver best-in-class customer experience with tailored sustainability reports

Save time

With one click, download reports of your clients' portfolios including mutual funds, ETFs, equities, and bonds


In simple graphs, help you clients understand the sustainability impact of their portfolios

Course correct

Identify investments that deviate from your clients’ sustainability requirements


Adhere to regulations requiring wealth advisors to  consider clients’ sustainability preferences (e.g. MiFID II)

Here's how Datia can help you:

Sustainability distribution of investments

Show to your client what percentages of the financial products have sustainability as an objective (Article 9) or only environmental or social characteristics (Article 8)

ESG Performers

Help your clients evaluate the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) performance of their 10 largest positions

Leaders and Laggards

Identify what companies within your clients' portfolios are the leaders and laggards in each of the ESG topics (Environmental, Social, and Governance)


Help your clients compare the ESG performance and sustainability KPIs of their portfolios with indexes and funds of their choice
Take the first step to optimize your sustainable finance work

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WWF & Datia: How to leverage Temperature Score for your sustainable finance strategy

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