EU Taxonomy

Leverage EU Taxonomy company data to analyze and report the alignment of your portfolio

We equip you to integrate EU Taxonomy into your investment strategy

Save Time

Monitor your portfolio’s taxonomy alignment, non-alignment, and non-eligible percentages over time


Identify taxonomy values to include in your SFDR periodic reports and the EET


Instantly visualize how companies in your portfolio are positioned based on their alignment ratios and economic activities


Find new investment opportunities that match your sustainable investment strategy

Here's how Datia can help you:

Portfolio-level reports

Get a complete aggregation and breakdown of your portfolio’s EU Taxonomy eligibility and alignment from reported only or/and estimated data.

Company-level data

See detailed EU Taxonomy eligibility and alignment of each company in your portfolio and their economic activities.

Progress through time periods

Filter out the taxonomy classification by the year and quarter of each portfolio.

Navigate through classification criterias

Quickly evaluate your taxonomy breakdown by environmental objective (mitigation, adaptation), asset type (Subfunds, Companies and/or Sovereign Bonds), and financial criteria (Turnover, OpEx, and CapEx).
Take the first step to optimize your sustainable finance work

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