Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Do you believe that ESG investment needs transparency? We do too! At our platform, portfolio-level and individual holdings reports are backed by plenty of data.

Integrate ESG analysis into your investment strategy

Save Time

Easily tap into ESG metrics of 36,000+ companies and 210,000+ funds


Instantly identify the top performers and laggards in your portfolios

Course Correct

Benchmark each company’s data against industry peers


Identify new investment opportunities that match your ESG investment strategy

Here's how Datia can help you:

Portfolio-level data

Aggregated data to show your portfolios' ESG score and comparison with the index or fund of your choice

Company-level data

See detailed ESG data about all the companies in your portfolio

Business involvements

Screen companies with controversial business involvements and acting in sanctioned nations

Export presentations

Easy-to-export presentation about your investments’ ESG scores and business involvements to share with your clients and stakeholders
Take the first step to optimize your sustainable finance work

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