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Power your tech platform with high-quality sustainability data 

Looking for reliable sustainability data? Datia offers five key datasets covering 210,000+ Global Mutual Funds and ETFs with monthly updates, through our API.

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Solutions to equip Tech Platforms for sustainable finance

Mutual Funds, ETFs and Fixed Income

The data infrastructure needed to evaluate sustainability metrics of complex portfolios
Universe of 210,000+ Mutual Funds and ETFs
Automatic mapping of bonds and stocks to their issuers
Look-through of Mutual Funds and ETFs giving you full access to sustainability KPIs of entire portfolios, regardless of their constituents

PAI Indicators (SFDR)

Access to all Principal Adverse Impact indicators of companies within funds
All the data necessary to evaluate the sustainable impact of investments according to SFDR's guidelines
Gather all 18 mandatory and 46 additional Principal Adverse Impact indicators of 210,000+ funds
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Risk Management & ESG Insights

Data to help you identify sustainability risks and ESG impact within funds
Two datasets covering controversial business involvements and activities in sanctioned nations which investors typically try to avoid
ESG scores dataset clarifying the real impact of the companies on the planet and society
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SDGs Alignment

Sustainable Development Goals alignment evaluated across entire funds
The SDGs dataset allows investors to easily understand and report on the impact of their portfolios on the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Go beyond self-reported SDGs contribution by selecting the sources you trust the most
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