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Guide your clients through the world of sustainable investing

Wealth Advisors are increasingly expected to invest according to the sustainability preferences of their clients. Datia helps with portfolio screening and sustainability reporting that drives change.

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“Datia is a partner willing to navigate the regulatory changes with us, developing practical solutions.”

Solutions to equip Wealth Advisors for sustainable investing

End Client Sustainability Report

Download tailored and modern sustainability reports for your clients
Help your clients understand the impact of their investments on ESG topics and on Principal Adverse Impacts
Compare your clients’ portfolios with indexes and funds of your choice
Adhere to regulations requiring wealth advisors to consider sustainability preferences of clients (e.g. MiFID II)

Mutual Funds, ETFs and Fixed Income

The data infrastructure needed to evaluate the sustainability metrics of multi-asset portfolios
Universe of 210,000+ Mutual Funds and ETFs
Automatic mapping of bonds and stocks to their issuers
Look-through of Mutual Funds and ETFs giving you full access to sustainability KPIs of entire portfolios, regardless of their constituents

SFDR-related metrics

Evaluate the sustainability profile of your clients’ portfolio through SFDR’s lenses
Identify the SFDR “classification” (Article 6, 8 or 9) of 210,000+ funds within Datia’s universe
Screen investments based on Principal Adverse Impact indicators (e.g. greenhouse emissions and gender pay gap)
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Risk Management

Identify sustainability risks in your clients' portfolios
Identify investments with controversial business involvements or acting in sanctioned nations
Analyse in detail each of the companies within your portfolios
Identify investment opportunities based on ESG scores of 36,000+ companies and 210,000+ funds
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Evaluate portfolios through the lenses of Sustainable Development Goals
See what percentage of AUM is contributing to each SDG
Easily screen portfolios to show the SDGs commitments of each of the constituent holdings
Search and identify investment opportunities that better match the sustainability preferences of your clients
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Seamlessly integrate your systems and data through Datia’s API

Ingest your portfolios or any in-house data from your systems

Automate your sustainability research and reporting with Datia

Export insights and reports directly into your systems

Take the first step to optimize your sustainable finance work