Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)

With the right platform, reporting on Principal Adverse Impact indicators and complying with SFDR can be much quicker.

Integrate SFDR into your investment strategy

Save Time

Automate calculations of PAI indicators for your organization and products


Create Principal Adverse Impact statements to comply with the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation


Evaluate the performance of specific PAIs over time and compare them with indexes and funds


Share your PAI statement in editable or PDF format in the language of your choice

Here's how Datia can help you:

Portfolio-level calculations

Automate data gathering and calculations of mandatory and additional PAIs for your portfolios and entity

PAI time series

In simple dashboards, evaluate the progress of your portfolios’ indicators quarterly and compare them with the indexes and public funds of your choice

PAI statement

Easily fill in and, with one click, export with your PAI statement in English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or Finish

EET Builder

Automatically insert Principal Adverse Impact indicators into the EET files of your portfolios
Take the first step to optimize your sustainable finance work

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Datia’s Demo: Helping Asset Managers get started with  SFDR’s Article 8

Datia’s Demo: Helping Asset Managers get started with SFDR’s Article 8

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