European ESG Template (EET)

Reduce the workload and take full advantage of the European ESG Template (EET) to showcase the sustainable profile of your funds.

Speed up the process of creating the EET of your products

Save Time

Limit the work of creating an EET to no longer than one hour per product


In a step-by-step questionnaire, visualize the progress of creating the EET files


Easily export your standardized EET file ready to share with stakeholders


Always count on Datia to support you with the latest available version of the EET

Here's how Datia can help you:

EET Builder

Answer a step-by-step questionnaire designed to summarize the template and to automatically hide questions that are out of scope for your products

PAI indicators

Automatically import fund-level Principal Adverse Impact indicators from your Datia dashboards to your EET files

Completion Progress

Visualize how much of the template was completed and what fields need correction

Answers saved

Keep the EET answers saved so you can quickly export updated versions of the template for your funds in the future
Take the first step to optimize your sustainable finance work

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KPMG & Datia: Update on CSRD and its impact on the financial market

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