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Datia’s API: Your path to unified systems and data

Datia's API effortlessly bridges the gap between your systems and ours, offering smooth integration options such as API, sFTP, and our user-friendly web app.

This ensures you have immediate access to the capabilities of our sustainability research and reporting platform whenever you require them.

Simple Data Integration

Integrate your own systems through simple API calls.

Automate Portfolio Upload

Easily merge your portfolio data with our platform.

Effortlessly Sustainability Reporting

Generate reports for your clients' portfolios at scale.

Direct Insights

Receive sustainability insights and reports directly into your front-office, portfolio management, and reporting systems.

Receive Raw 

Create your own widgets, dashboards and proprietary reporting according to your sustainability strategy.

Access with an API Key

Customize your reports with your unique API key.

Take the first step to optimize your sustainable finance work