Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Are you a fan of the 17 Global SGDs?
Here’s your chance to align your sustainability vision with your investment strategy.

We equip your team to integrate SDGs into your investment strategy

Save Time

Easily tap into data reported by companies about their SDGs commitment


Instantly identify what SDGs are supported through your investments

Course Correct

Better align your investment decisions with your portfolio strategy


Identify new investment opportunities that match your sustainability strategy

Here’s what you will be able to do with Datia

Fund-level contribution

Aggregated data to show the % of AUM contributing to each SDG

Portfolio screening

Automatic portfolio screening to show the SDGs commitments of each of your holdings

Export presentations

Easy-to-export presentation about your investment contribution towards SDGs so that you can share with your clients and partners

Search companies

Search feature to identify investment opportunities that better match your sustainability strategy

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“Climate action requires a many-fold increase in finance", states IPCC in the latest assessment report

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Pain-free EET: Showcase the sustainable profile of your products

Pain-free EET: Showcase the sustainable profile of your products

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