Fireside chat: How to integrate sustainability into Wealth Management

Fireside chat: How to integrate sustainability into Wealth Management

Sustainability metrics are becoming increasingly relevant. The European regulation called MiFID II requires that wealth advisors ask about the sustainability preferences of clients.

Datia and Sharpfin partnered to deliver sustainability indicators calculated for each portfolio and a complete, modern sustainability report that can be presented to end clients, fostering engagement and positive change.

In this fireside chat, we will hear from Markus Alin, Co-founder and CEO of the Swedish Wealth Management platform Sharpfin, about the challenges faced by wealth managers when integrating sustainability into their workflows.

Who can benefit from this event:

Professionals who offer discretionary portfolio management or wealth management services, and face increasing pressure to report on the sustainability impact of investments.

Some of the topics we covered:

  • How can wealth managers support clients with their sustainability preferences and goals?

  • Can sustainability-driven strategies become a differentiator in the Wealth Management industry?
  • How is Sharpfin working to integrate sustainability data into wealth managers' workflows?


Nora Sandahl

Head of Sustainability

Nora is an experienced sustainability professional with a background in sustainability consulting, finance, and regulation. She's spent numerous hours reading sustainability reports and EU directives and regulations.

Markus Alin

Co-founder & CEO at Sharpfin

Markus Alin is the founder of Sharpfin, a company at the forefront of developing a cutting-edge wealth management platform. With a rich background in the wealth management software industry, Markus established Sharpfin in 2015 with a clear mission to revolutionize and streamline the field.